Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Last week, i got a chance to visit the Muzim Sultan Alam Shah at Shah Alam. There was held an exhibiton about the mysterious of outside the world ,the underworld. The entry fee quite okay for just RM5 for adult and RM2 for children.

1stly, it's quite flattering, and can strike some fears to your nerve, but sooner i think it's just a normal exhibiton.

After some walk, passing by a historical stories of the genies and ghost, you can see a floating or hanging casket up in the sky, hehe..

and then u are introduced to the 1st member of the gentlemen,the pocong ghost. Lying in the casket, it was so dark to see clearly. From the tourist guide there, the pocong was hired to look for the ayam serama. Haha...whatever

Then after several walk, you can see the genie in the bottle( Christina Aguilera? ), male jenglot, female jenglot, toyol, genie,nyai blorong (quite freaky), ikan duyung, langsuir, and others.

Not to mention any more, just visit yourself because the exhibition just only end on 10th october.