Sunday, March 12, 2006

The SRM24, or Satria Replacement Model.

What’s the 24 supposed to stand for? If I’m not mistaken, the original Satria based on the Mirage Cyborg’s codename is M24 and the Proton Putra is M21. I dont think all these new Protons are based on Mitsubishi anymore. As I heard from rumours, the srm is completely derived from gen.2 chassis. Mitsubishi is gone and in the future, Proton will try to replace all aging Mitsubishi engines with its own cam-pro engines. 4G1XP series engines are so old and used to power cars that are over 20yrs old of age.HaHa….

Anyway its very strong resemblance of gen2,and the headlight somelike kind of BMW series.
Lets just face it, all it has is the looks. The new generation of proton cars will have the same problems- cheap plastics that will have cracking sound after a few years, power windows that require u to open the door to get the toll tickets, engine that underperforms and parts that are easily breakable(and the PROTON service center will tell u that the windows cannot be used oftenly, the door panel must be
opened gently……), also not to mention it is expensive to replace. The only reason to buy it is because it is artificially cheaper than other cars... hehe