Friday, March 10, 2006

Last night after yasin,i happened to watch Astro Ria. The programme was Gemilang Filem Melayu.Frankly, I'm still a fan of the late Tan Sri P.Ramlee films till now. His dialogues in almost of his films somekind unique and classic. For me the most unique dialogue of his was in the 'Bujang Lapok' film.

There's one scene when the father of Safiah(Dayang Sofia) acted by M.Babjan, seek Aziz (Aziz Satar) for some reason why he kept Safiah away. After some argument,M.Babjan punched Aziz and Ramlee(P.Ramlee) somehow lose his temper and hit the old man. The dialogue was somekind like this:

"Manusia seperti pakcik inilah yang membiakkan persundalan di sisi masyarakat. Pakcik bukanlah manusia,tetapi pakcik adalah syaitan yang bertopengkan manusia ".

Damn!What's that?Unique isn't it?

I love movies. Sometimes i keep dreaming to be a director. Dunno why. But must be i'm so interested in making story line or something like it. Yeah. The experiences were really good. There's old memories in secondary school, i did directed and narrated a storyline for several performances. One of them is a theater called "Dendam Anak Penghulu". I thought that's the best. In fact i and friends had a theater group called Nasta' da Supap.Wierd huh? Heheh that's fact.

And that was when me in school. When i'm in the university, i tried to evaluate ideas and evolved some techniques in acting. Learned several new methods .I did manage to direct a play, i could say the remake of Puteri Gunung Ledang in the comedy perspective. Wow! I'm kind of excited to direct a play in more challenging period, i mean in the university,the pressure was higher and needed calmness and composure. Well,still managed to won the runner-up and i guessed it's pretty good because usually comedy story didnt won!

Well,thats me. I wish one day i got a chance to see Al-Pacino or De Niro in live. In the wildest dream!hehehe


sha said...

bagos neh..
ape kate buat movie psl spm99 plak?
sure bleh jual!

mAxx said...

hahaha..pasal spm99 ek

pasal lingkup paper spm ye la kot..